For the last three days I have been driving toward the East Coast. Today I arrived in Washington D.C. and I will be here for two nights. To get here, I traveled through Oklahoma, Kentucky, West Virginia, and a few states in between. I had never been to the parts of Kentucky and West Virginia that I saw today and I have to say, it is beautiful! The highway went through the Allegheny Mountains and the road went up and down and around the hills. The steep hillsides are covered in dense and verdant forest and after so long in the desert I enjoyed every minute of the drive. The forest was very different from those we have in the West. There, the Ponderosa Pines climb to the sky and the pine needles that fall keep the vegetation on the floor from getting too thick. The deciduous trees in this forest, on the contrary, encourage floor growth. What you see in the image below has been mown in order to create a picnic area.

Eventually I hope to return and spend some time. In both West Virginia and Kentucky there were signs along the road inviting me to visit all kinds of arts and crafts shops. In Kentucky there was one spot outside Louisville that advertised a number of historic distilleries! Bourbon, of course, is the state beverage of Kentucky. If you are in this part of the country at any point, this is a worthwhile drive.