On the Road Again

It is Spring in Albuquerque and that means that I have the travel bug. The wind is blowing here (a normal occurrence) and plants are blooming so it is time to get away from the pollen and on the road again. I decided on a quick trip to California, beginning with Los Angeles. There is a big photo show happening over the next two weekends. Photoville normally occurs in the fall in Brooklyn but for the first time they are bringing it to LA. There will be exhibits, talks, photowalks, demonstrations, and just about anything else photo-related that you can imagine. I also want to make a stop at my favorite Leica Store just to look at all the gear and wish for what I probably can't afford.

After LA, I intend to drive up the coast to San Luis Opisbo and then to Monterey and probably into San Francisco. It has been quite a while since I was in that part of the state and I am looking forward to seeing it again .. and making pictures, of course!

I haven't decided where I am going after that .. for sure I will be heading toward the outskirts of Sacramento to see my friends. I would also love to get to the wine country, but that might have to wait for another trip.

Today's image was made on Good Friday on a hill near the Santuario de Chimayo. Take a look at the other Good Friday images in The Edge of Heaven collection.