I am in Washington D.C. and this morning I went to Arlington National Cemetery. This was the reason I came to DC .. I haven’t been here for quite a while and I was missing Steve. In case you don’t know, he is inurned here and I will join him when the time comes. I also visited the grave of another member of the extended Mirehaven family; we are everywhere!

Steve was an amazing man. First, he was downright cute! He was handsome and distinguished, tall and thin. He loved clothes and he dressed every day in a shirt and a jacket and often a tie. There was no casual Friday for him. He was a Brooks Brothers man; he loved that preppie look that he started with in college.

He was so smart. He was an administrator, focusing for the last few years on doctor’s associations. He could figure out what needed to be done to help doctors with their reimbursements and insurance when no one else could.

He was kind. He cared about people and he believed that everyone deserved respect and consideration, regardless of ethnicity, race, age, sexuality, of any other characteristic. Everyone was important in his eyes and he treated everyone with whom he came in contact with grace and kindness.

He was tender and gentle and it is hard to believe that this man who hated war could have been a Navy Seal and that he chose to be buried in a military cemetery. He used to say, “I went to war so that just maybe no one else would have to go.” But no matter how much he hated war, he was a patriot. He believed in our country and he believed that anyone who wanted to live here was welcome. He would have hated what our current president is doing to destroy our society.

He was a Christian. He loved God and he tried very hard to do what God wanted him to do.

He was the best of the best.

There is so much more that I could say, but I won’t bore you any further. Thank you for listening to this little tribute to my sweet husband, my lifelong love.